Grandma Chig

Tom's mother fell recently and fractured her pelvis. Not good for someone her age. She has been recuperating, although it has been a slow recovery. She gets therapy and is making progress. I am sure she will be so happy when this ordeal is over.

On Monday February 16 we took Cassidy, Lauren and Luke to see her. She loves seeing the young ones. Her eyes lit up when she noticed the kids were there to see her.

They all wanted to play with her wheel chair. I think they would have loved taking it
down the hallway at break neck speed !

I will not be surprised when Grandma gets better to hear that she is the social butterfly. She makes friends so easily and loves to talk.......LOL...!
Get well soon Grandma!

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Anonymous said...

Pray things go well for Grandma Chig and she's feeling better soon. She's fortunate to have family close to come visit her.