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Caught ya…………!

The state of Indiana is having their state corn shucking contest this weekend at a local farm. (Oct. 3). I am not sure what my Mother thinks she is doing. It doesn’t look like she is practicing to me. It appears to me that I have caught my Mother sneaking out of the cornfield that is behind our house. And she has bags of something in her hand. She is supposed to set an example for the rest of the family. Is that why we are all a little nuts or should I say “corny”? I know mother used to shuck corn with Uncle George when she was a little girl. She told me so. In fact they used to shuck the corn off of the corn stalks that the wagon bent over. She said they were small enough that they didn’t have to bend over much. Gosh amighty. She has worked all her life. Mom is a wealth of knowledge. But….Mother…….this? I guess I will have to come to the realization that my Mother loves nature and is only gathering some vittals for Dad’s birds this winter. She is so thoughtful.
I love sharing adventures with Mom. Thanks for the memories Mother.

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Too Funny!

Love, Lou