Last Rose of Summer

As fall's beauty surrounds us, and we realize the encroachment of winter, there are a few single signs of the last bit of summer in tiny corners of our world. This evening as I was walking around our house admiring the exquisite setting of the sun, I happened to notice roses blooming on our rose bush. The rose bush has been with us for over 30 years. It 'came with the house'. It has been moved several times and never fails to provide us with stunning and fragrant roses every year. It looks out of place at this time of the season with all the yellow and golden hues that encompass our home. That Rose bush reminds me of the changing seasons once again. Spring with the promise of new life, summer in all its glory and health and life. Fall arrives with leaves turning colors and die and fall from the trees. Fall gives way to the harsh cold of winter. As spring once again arrives God gently reminds us of the promise of a new Life. So it is with our Rose. It maintains its beauty even in the autumn of our season. God gives us new Life and brings beauty and a promise of Eternal Life when we seek Him and allow Him into our hearts. Maybe that is why God created the seasons. A tender reminder that He offers us comfort and the knowledge and promise that if we are a part of Him, the warmth of the Son will chase away the harshness of winters in our lives and deliver Life unto us. I do not at all understand the mystery of Grace, only that it meets us where we are, but does not leave us where it found us.

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Jennifer said...

VERY pretty!!! I like your new look. This post is very nice, too. You're such a good writer!