Countdown continues & Spending time together

The countdown is now down to 2 days ! Tis hard to believe. Soon we will all be flying high in the air - where Rick and Jen have been for a couple of months- to meet our new addition to our family. God has truly blessed us.

Tom and I had a very special weekend together. We went to Columbus, Ohio to the German Village, a very fun dinner theater and the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. The weather and day was perfect. We had a wonderful time walking around the charming German Village area. They have many many beautiful homes, a marvelous park, and lots of quaint shops and restaurants. We enjoyed a lunch at Bob and Erma's. We had a fun and regaling waitress by the name of Erica. The German Village area has so many historical points. The weather couldn't have been nicer. The atmosphere was engaging. Later in the evening we had a very entertaining dinner at the Cloak and Dagger Dinner Theatre. Bon soir, Bon soir ! The production for the evening was MURDER at Bedside Manor. Tom and I both were chosen to participate in the production-not by choice. I say that with a smile. They were very capable of absorbing the audience in the mystery of the evening (Who killed all the people?). The following day we went to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. It was Boo at the Zoo day. There were all sorts of goblins and other characters accompanied by their parents. They were as cute as they could be. We were so impressed with the zoo. It has a huge waterpark connected with it. We could see how it would be a fun place for people to spend a couple of days on a weekend. We had an amazing, fantastic weekend together. Thank you Tom for our time together.
Pictures of German Village

Murder - At Bedside Manor

Cloak & Dagger

Dinner Theatre

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Jennifer said...

Soooo, "who done it?"????? Sounds like a great weekend!

Can you believe it ... 2 days!!!!!