B I N G O !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh ... I am brain dead once again. I meant to say HOOOORRRAAAAYYYYYYYY!
We leave today. Just a few short (they will seem long) hours and we will be in the car on our way to Fort Wayne to start on our wonderful journey for the 'delivery' of that much anticipated addition to our family. I am sure Rick and Jen didnt get much sleep since I saw what time Jennifer posted her last blog. I have an image in my head of them standing outside their house already, with suitcases in hand, waiting on the 'arrival' of the taxi cab. As with any occasion that you have waited for, there is a rampant rollercoaster of emotions that go along with it. Please keep everyone in your prayers. For a safe journey, a calm adjustment for Malia, and that God's hand is entertwined in everything that happens on our trip.
Much Love to all.

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