Thankful Thursdays

I didn't have to give much thought to Thankful Thursdays this week.

Tom was trimming some trees in the back yard last week. It brought back memories of Rick and Stephanie climbing out on a limb on a tree in the back yard. How the limb held them I don't know. Looking at the tree today, I don't see a branch strong enough to hold them! I loved to climb trees when i was younger. I remember a Herring family reunion that Jane and I spent most of our time in the trees with the boys. We had a Sycamore tree in the cow lot next to the drive where we lived as kids. It was perfect for climbing. It had alternating branches that provided us with an unqualified ladder for a tree top view. The imaginations of children is a vast world of make believe. I don't remember specifically what Jane and I saw from the top of the tree. It could have been just the challenge of conquering the tree itself. Trees provided us with imaginary houses, flowers, shade to play in and some trees we knew to stay away from! The dreaded 'Sticker' tree in the front yard. Since we were usually barefoot, the 'Sticker' tree was known to hurt bare feet. Rick must have taken his love for playing in trees from his wonderful mother. You could almost always find Rick (when he was young) in a tree playing with a rope hauling something up^. I don't remember what he did with the stuff when he finally got it up in the tree. Below are a few old photos of Rick with Stephanie and Kevin in one photo also.

Rick in a tree

Rick in a tree again!

Stephanie, Kevin with Rick

Rick is the one jumping.

Thank God for trees. They give us shade, a place to play, building material, help us to have a healthy climate and shower our planet with beauty.

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