A $1 bag sale

June 27 & 28th, Rick, Jen, Tonya and Brian Cooper, had an adoption fundraiser rummage sale at the Knights of Columbus. We had been working on it for several weeks to get everything priced. I was shocked when we were ready to load it up to take down to the building. It took a huge box truck, a horse trailer, a lawn mower trailer, 3 trucks and 2 vans to get it all there. They were all loaded to the gills. That was just Rick and Jen's stuff. Now, I want you to realize that all of the stuff had been donated to them. It was amazing that we got all the big items in the building. Some of the adult clothing was held for later. We moved a huge amount of items out on Friday, but the kicker was Saturday about 10:00. It was announced to those people that were in the building that there was a $1 bag sale. Anything you could get into a bag was a dollar, regardless of what it was. People must have been hiding in the walls. I never have seen so many people at a rummage on a Saturday, and we have had plenty of rummage sales. People told other people at other rummage sales they needed to visit the K of C. One lady checked out with 14 bags full. It kept us all laughing that people were coming in in groves. It was a very productive sale that raised much needed funds for all 4 of the kids ( I call them kids). Adoption isn't a cheap means of adding a member to your family. We patiently wait for the time we will have Malia and Chloe with their families.

May God extend His understanding and love to the families waiting for these two little girls.

** Just in.... photos taken by Jennifer of the rummage sale. These were taken on the inside. If you look closely you will notice boxes under the tables. We just didnt have enough room for all of it. The clothes on the table on the right in the last picture all came from Rick and Jen's donators.**

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