Thankful Thursdays

Today's post is all about Tickles.

Tickles not only make you laugh, they sometimes make you cry. Adults tickle babies to hear them laugh and to see the smile on their faces. Sometimes there is even a twinkle in their eyes. For me tickling has always been about fun. I prefer the kind of tickling where there is space allowed for tickling back and movement. My grandson Spencer folds up in a ball at the mere mention of the word tickle. He is probably the most ticklish person I have ever seen.
I used to be very ticklish, but I have learned how to make myself resist the laughing part.
We use tickle in our everyday language....for example, someone can be tickled pink. Is that because they cant breath or they are red in the face from laughing so hard? I have heard the expression 'tickled to death'. We can tickle someones fancy, tickle the ivories, we can be tickled by someones antics, our throats can have a tickle, the grass can tickle our feet.
Being thankful for Tickles is a fun way of expressing our enjoyment of life.

Nathaniel Hawthone's Passages from the French and Italian note-books, 1864: "Something that thrilled and tickled my heart with a feeling partly sensuous and partly spiritual."

Today I am very thankful for tickles . . . .

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