Stereogram or Magic Eye

I love to look at the stereograms (or Magic Eyes as some people call them). There are some that I am not able to distinguish what is in the photo. I enjoy looking through books of them and see just how quick I am able to pick out what the picture is. I did not realize they are made in the same way the photos were prepared to be seen with the old stereoscope.

Do you remember the 3D movies they used to have? That is the same technique. We see in 3D because we have two eyes, each giving us slightly different views of the same scene. Now you know how stereograms and Magic Eyes are created. The picture is moved just enough to create the 3D effect. Below are some very simple stereograms. See if you are able to see what is in each picture.

1. Has a rubber duck in it.
2. In this one is a little deer.
3. Has a rabbit.
4. In this one is a heart.
5. Has a pair of scissors.
6. In this one is a circle with a W in the middle.
Now wasn't that fun?

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