Help......It is after me ! ! ! ! !

I AM AFRAID...............

My goodness what in the world is this? I have researched the net for answers. I have check university records, the Lock Ness Monster sound recordings, Sea biologist notes and information on sounds of the deep. I am open to any and all suggestions on how to identify the creatures. I do not believe I have ever heard sounds like this before in my life. It might be a sick whale or cow. Either one, they may need help. I would send a rescue squad, but I have not the foggiest of ideas where to send them. People on the south side of Wabash have reported hearing the noises deep at night. Is this some sort of night creature that wanders the streets of Wabash? Tom is so frightened that he refuses to even listen to them any more. He is having nightmares. He thinks one of the noises sounds vaguely familiar. I don't recall hearing it when I have been with him. Where on earth did he hear the noises????????? I think the noises have recently been reported in Michigan also. Could the creatures be something from the depths of the Great Lakes? If so does the heat affect it? Will it appear and be heard when the weather cools? Should I report it to the police as breaking the noise ordinance late at night? But where do I send them? I am seeking assistance from any source or any person.
I have included a sound track of the noises for anyone that wishes to help.

Thee Noise

Trying to not let anyone see that I am shaking in my shoes!

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