Let the band play on....

Once again, we were entertained with an evening of music. The SHS bands performed for a very lively crowd. The sixth graders from Southwood and LaFontaine Elementary Schools joined together for a performance. I must say that it is very impressive to see how the kids have progressed over a year of learning.

^5 to the sixth graders.

The Jr. High band played a variety of songs. Some of the songs were designed for high school bands. The band director, Mr. Hickman, decided to let them give it a try. I think they did a very nice job, considering it is towards the end of school and they havent tried those songs before.
As you can see I have pointed out where Spencer D. is seated. Grandma calls it first chair, but Spencer says I am all wrong. We will get this all figured out some day. We are so proud of Spencer and his musical talent. I think he gets it all from his Grandma. Either, take your pick......LOL

Before we left, the combined Jr. and Sr. high bands performed the song by Lee Greenwood "God bless the U. S. A. It brought everyone to their feet. It was very moving to see the patriotism displayed as the kids played.

This evenings sunset was a nice surprise to end a wonderful day.
The horizon lights up with shades of red and orange fading to blue and purple.

God has blessed our family so much.

Remember to be kind to some one. It will be returned to you.

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Jennifer said...

Nice use of ... is it Publisher? Anyway, your picture "special effects" look awesome. But even more awesome is that sunset! How beautiful!