A day with Papaw....and other stuff

Alex called Saturday
to ask if Grandpa could spend some time with her. He was more than happy to accommodate her request. Her last day of spring break and she chose to spend it with us. She and Grandpa have a wonderful relationship. It is fantastic, the time we get to spend with our grand kids. They all are so special in their own way. It is precious time that we can share with them and they can share with us. We enjoy listening to them talk and tell of their interest and challenges in life. They have so much they can teach us and we certainly have lots of life experiences we can share with them. We are so blessed to have our grand kids live so close by.

We decided to go to The Siding
in Peru for Sunday lunch. Alex
had never been there.
I must say, it was one of
the best meals we had
had in a long time. The
atmosphere was
great and so was spending
Sunday with Alex.

We decided to head to Marion for a couple of things. Grandpa and Alex tried their hand at Miniature Golf. Grandma was the 'official' score keeper. It was an exciting and tense game. Grandpa was ahead until the 17th hole. We won't mention on here how many strokes he had on that particular hole. We will say that Alex didn't have to play catch up after that hole. They ended with a tie. Perfect for everyone.

Sunday evening Cassidy, Lauren and Luke were dropped off to spend some time with us while Amanda and Kyle went bowling. When they got here, Grandpa was cleaning the golf balls he had collected from the field behind our house. No...we don't grow them. He hits them into the field and then collects them, so he can hit them into the field later. Grandpa was cleaning the golf balls. Luke decided he needed to help!

Cassidy and Lauren had a sleep over with some friends the night before. I think this photo says it all. They were up a little too late........LOL. They will be glad to get in bed this evening.

Grandpa knew there were more golf balls still in the field behind our house. So he and Luke grabbed a bucket and headed out into the muddy field to gather a few more. Luke was like a little puppy all evening long. Where ever Papa was, you would find Luke not to far behind.

Grandkids have a special place .....

That place is in our hearts.

Be sure and share kindness with someone today.
Giving to others makes every ones day special.

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