Rainey is right on 'Track'!

Busy busy busy. Rainey had a track meet Thursday, Spencer had the Choirs Spring Spectacular Friday, and Stephanie, Alex, Rainey and I went to the Mother Daughter Banquet at the Erie Church Saturday afternoon.
Let's start with Rainey's track meet. She is so shy, I was anxious to see how aggressive she was going to be. Rainey is in the Shot Put and the Discus Throw. It was fun to watch her.

Rainey seems to be doing some serious thinking here. I can see in her mind she might be saying, Let's see if we can liven things up a bit around here. There are several girls that aren't paying any attention that I am here! Oh boy.

The gal with the blonde hair seems to be
talking to Rainey. What could their conversation be about? Could there be some aspect of the Shot Put that no one is aware of? We need to chew this over.

I think Rainey has decided on the Bowling Shot Put technique. The blonde girl is showing her concern about the prospect of it being an adequate idea for Rainey. Did Rainey use the Bowling Shot Put attempt or the regular Shot Put attempt?

Well this photo may explain everything. It looks like Rainey used the Bowling technique on the gals from the other team. Could she be saying, I told you what was coming! It seems she got two out of ten pins-- I mean girls. The blonde girl looks like she is going to help them up. So much for being shy !

After the Shot Put we moved ourselves over to the Discus area. Rainey helped with retrieving the discus for those trying their hand at it before it was her turn. She had to do a lot of running and throwing. Good practice for when it was her turn.
When it was Rainey's turn there must have been a reason for so much contemplation. She sat and did a lot of thinking. Or maybe she was winded from all that bending and running.

Here she is with her discus attempt.

The crowd was a rowdy bunch. I have photos of the worst ones of all the people that were there. Some of them look very familiar!

The track meet was fun to watch and share with everyone. It was fun watching Shy Rainey be on the team. It was a very pretty day, and plenty of fun for all.

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