Shippy on a Saturday

Tom and I went to visit friends in Warsaw for a Saturday outing. Tom was going golfing with 'the guys' and 'the girls' were headed to Shippy! I knew the girls would probably shop, but I had no idea when we started out, that the May Festival was scheduled for Saturday. Or that Shippy was to be our destination.

The May Festival is an annual event to celebrate the towns history. There are Road and Trail Runs, Blacksmith demonstrations, storytelling, clogging, baking contest, parade and what sounded like a lawn mower drag race.......LOL

Sharon, Susie and I headed to Shipshewana after making sure the boys were all settled in at the golf course. You know how men are. They always need taken care of. Tom, Mick, Don, Zack, and Tom would make up the group of brave golfers. The wind and chill would test their love for the game. Seems the weather won out.

There were lots and lots of people mingling around Shippy taking in the festivities. We dashed in and out of the shops looking for that one supreme item we just couldn't live without. We were a little distracted by something called hunger. We needed that one thing every woman needs at some point in her life. CHOCOLATE ! After finishing one more area of the town, the chocolate store was the place to be. We also tried to coordinate our time with the courageous 'goofers' on the course.

Our final destination for the day was a little place called Stacey's. I don't know when I have had a better piece of chicken. It was delicious. Janet joined the rest of the group for great food and wonderful time of enjoying friendship. Even though the day ended with chilly rain and more wind, it was a fantastic day.

One thing that was fun to see were the famers plowing their fields and of course the laundry hanging from the lines. Dad........dont trade Mother off yet !

Remember to be kind to someone today. It will always change your life and theirs.

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