Now you may ask, what does 'GNO' mean. Well if you listen to one
of Miley Cyrus' songs, it means Girls Night Out.

A link to listen to Miley sing her song.

Amanda, Cassidy, Lauren,
Alex, Grandma and oh yes...
Zach, had a girls? night out
Friday. We went to the
Historic Eagles Theater to
see 'College Road Trip'
with Martin Lawrence and
Raven-Symone'. It was quite
funny in spots. Donny Osmond
was a neurotic father that was
way too over joyed sharing a
road trip with his daugher.
He did an excellent job with
his part.

I personally loved the pig
named Albert.It was
especially funny when
'Albert' was done using
the bathroom and exited
with toilet paper still
attached to his rear end.
Sometimes the animals just
can't help stealing the show.

We will have to have another GNO soon. Grandma, Daughter and Granddaugthers all sharing and enjoying each other. You just can't beat that.
Hoping your day is filled with Sonshine and Blessings overflowing.

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