When you think of New Orleans... You probably think of the French Quarters (also known as Vieus Carre')and Mardi Gras. The French Quarters is the oldest neighborhood in the city of New Orleans.

When I think of New Orleans... I think of Uncle Hod. He is my Dad's twin brother. He is actually 10 minutes older, but who is counting. They were born Monday, April 18th, 1921 to Homer and Myrtle Wagoner. They celebrated 87 years. Isn't it wonderful that they can spend time together to celebrate such a happy occasion!

Tom, Mother, Dad and I went to New Orleans last week (April 14-April 19). We left on Monday and drove as far as Tunica, MS. For some reason Mother thinks that is as far as we can get in one days driving. I don't think it has anything to do with the Horseshoe Casino being there. Above on the right is the outside of the Horseshoe Casino, to the left is a picture of Dad waiting on Mother to check us in.

Tom, Dad and I really didn't do any good on the slots (who really does). Well, that is any one beside Mother. She won $1000 on the Jackpot Party penny machine. She had 5 jackpot party 7's all across the bottom of the machine. Is any one surprised? Nahhhhh....and Mother is celebrating her winning!

When we got to the room, Dad and Tom were feeling a bit playful. What on earth is happening to my Father? Is he regressing? He is acting like a young boy! Tom is of course encouraging him. Stop that Tom. That is my Father!!!

After leaving Tunica, we drove to New Orleans. Actually, my Uncle lives in Harahan. A burb of New Orleans. They are about 20-25 minutes from the French Quarters. We stayed in a hotel located in Kenner, LA. Here is a picture of the highway crisscrossing at night from our balcony.

Tom and I headed to the French Quarters Wednesday morning. A trip to the Quarters is a must when visiting New Orleans. It has an atmosphere all it's own. It has historical value, as well as enticing tourist to come and see. We love to see it every time we visit. Here is a group that entertains at the Gazebo eatery in the Quarters.

Here are a few photos of some of the sights in the French Quarters

One of the famous sites to see in the French Quarters, is the St. Louis Cathedral, in Jackson Square. It is located on the Mississippi River. It has been the focal point of New Orleans since the founding of the city. It pays tribute to General Andrew Jackson.

To the left of the Cathedral is the Cabildo Museum. In this building the Louisiana Purchase was signed. To the right of the Cathedral is the Presbytere. This building houses a museum dedicated to the Mardi Gras.

More photos of St. Louis Cathedral

The inside of the Cathedral is as beautiful as the outside.

Upon arriving at Uncle Hods and Aunt Bunny's, every one wanders out to the front of the garage. That is where most of the visiting occurs, providing the weather permits. It was a little chilly while we were there, but the sun was shining and we didn't want to miss a chance to do what we traditionally do. In this photo is Uncle Hod, Tom, Aunt Bunny, Dad and Mother. I, of course, am playing the part of the photographer.

Aunt Bunny and Uncle Hod like to talk a lot. Sometimes they put some of us to sleep. I wonder what Aunt Bunny is talking about that is so exciting to Dad?

All of us are so glad when Dad gets to visit his brother. As long as we are all able to do it, we will see that they are able to get together on their birthday.

It has always been lots of fun sitting around and listening to Dad and Uncle Hod talk about when they were young. Some of the stories they have told need to be in a book. They were rotten to the core. Life has been an adventure for both of them. They both served in the service during World War II. It was hard to keep in touch, but they managed to once in a while. At least they both were able to return home to their family.

Tom was glad to see Dylan while we were visiting. Last time any of the family were in New Orleans to visit, Dylan didn't come over to see us, because Tom wasn't there. He said "Why waste my time?". He is just too cute. He is 8 years old. He is the youngest son of my cousin Amy. He has an older brother Vincent.

Tom and Dad have some fun sharing something really funny. I am not sure what all is being said, but you can tell by the look on their faces, that what ever it may be, it struck a funny bone with both of them.

Now it is time for the 'birthday boys' to share in some celebration and enjoy some cake. Our cake has 87 candles on it. It looks like a forest fire. We were able to get all the candles lit. Let me just say one thing. There is a lot of heat coming off of 87 candles. And you better get the candles lit and blown out as soon as possible. We know from experience.

Time for the blowing out part of the party. Dad isn't sure what he should do with the fire. Grab a fire extinguisher, or run. Uncle Hod is studying the situation. Mother doesn't want all that heat next to her. Looks like Vincent will have to save the day. Blow, Vincent, Blow !

This is what happens when you let the candles burn too long on your birthday cakes.

On our way home we stopped to eat lunch at a Shoney's restaurant.
Someone told the gang there that it was Dad's birthday that very day.

He was serenaded with the Happy Birthday Song.

A link to the song is here.

The main reason for our trip to New Orleans was to visit and share birthday time with Dad and Uncle Hod. I think we accomplished our goal. We all had a very happy and enjoyable time.

Happy 87th Birthday Dad and Uncle Hod. May you have many many more.

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