Kids, Kids, Kids

Amanda and Kyle won tickets to see the Indiana Pacers and a 2 night stay at the Embassy Suites in Indianapolis. Tom and I got the pleasure? of taking care of Cassidy, Lauren and Luke for the weekend. I wasn't sure how Luke would do since this would be his first overnight away from home without Mom or Dad. Amanda had everything ,plus some, for us to take proper care of her children. I guess I forgot how to take care of kids- I say that with a smile.=-)

Actually the kids were all so good. The girls didn't fuss, and Luke was actually pretty well behaved. The girls and Alex played Corn Hole when Alex came over to visit with them. It is always so much fun to have our grandkids spend time with us. Here is a collage of some of their weekend. In clockwise order: Lauren and Cassidy are playing with Play Doh. It is good for the imagination. Luke's picture is next. He is perfecting his throw for Corn Hole. Alex, Lauren and Cassidy play on the computer in Alex's room. Grandpa is giggling while Luke 'beats' him in Corn Hole. Even the little ones like the game. We can't wait until we can get outside with it. We are so glad all of our grandkids live close to us to enjoy them. Sunday morning, after breakfast and showers, the kids watched some TV for awhile. Luke did stop long enough for me to catch this picture of the three of them. I swear, he had to of run 10 miles this weekend. He was constantly running from one end of the house to the other.

Grandchildren are the Flowers in the Garden of Life

There is no greater joy than seeing the world through the eyes of a child. They bring laughter, help you experience the world all over again, we can share our lives with them, and watch them grow into adults to start all over again.

Here is a link so you can watch Luke and Grandpa play Corn Hole. I think Luke beats Grandpa.....LOL


Remember to be kind to someone.

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