It's a Tea Party !

Yes.........Tea Party.....

Not the kind where you wear pretty dresses, gloves, hats and high heels. I am talking about a Tax Tea Party. I tend to stay away from political postings. However, it is time, we as American citizens, stand up for our rights and the free hand Congress has spending our children's future into oblivion. Dealing with the largest tax increase in American history, increased spending- again, expanding the role of government, increases in the deficit, cuts in defense spending, putting the government in charge of health care, increases in taxes: energy, oil, gas, excise, death and tobacco, we can no longer sit on the edge and watch as our country is plunged into the depths of socialism. The 'silent' majority of Americans must let our elected officials know that we do not want the 'changes' that have been, so called, promised to us. My sister, Barbara and my Mother and I attended a Tea Party rally in a city close to us. It was very inspirational and informative. There were all ages of people in attendance. Several of the people were in costumes. Below are some great photos I was able to capture of the event.
Me, Barbara, Nice Guy!, and Mother

This little guy will be seen further down

A Mom carrying the youngest in attendance

Yep....... that is tea bags on his hat !

People were sitting in windows watching the rally

The little guy here was so proud to hold the American flag. He held it so long. I was so impressed with his determination. Great Job kiddo !

This sign held by this young lady says it all. We must protect their future


Anonymous said...

URGENT-- Please forward this email to all of your friends. Have them forward it to their friends. We need a wildfire!!!
People, we need to prepare before it's too late! Everyone I know seems way too casual about this. There are only one and a half weeks until the tax day Tea Parties. The time to prepare is now before time slips away the way it usually does. You can make your hand-drawn signs the morning of the protest, but if you intend to wear a Tea Party shirt, jacket, pin or hat, you'd better order now to get them in time. Plain shirts won't cut it for the cameras. To the exent the MSM covers the Tea Parties, their lenses simply HAVE to relay our message. Our message must be everywhere. You can also make your own professional looking banners and posters and yard signs at cafepress.com, but that also takes a week or more for manufacture and delivery--so get moving TODAY! Either we get moving or we lose our beloved country. No one else is going to do it. Motivate your friends! Don't wait until it's too late.

For custom posters and banners and other stuff:


For shirts and other stuff:


Tea Party call to action please forward to all your friends!!!

Sassy Granny ... said...


I love the new bumper sticker that reads: "I'll keep the money; you keep the change."

May the people's voices be heard!

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Hi Cindy,

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Look Beyond The Picket Fence said...

Thanks for thinking of me and my family during this sad time. I appreciate it very much. Congratulations on your one year anniversary.