Lets get this Party started. . .

Once again I had the privilege of being able to attend a Tax Day Tea Party. Knowing what the 'Party' is about is so important. I am not a "Right-Wing Radical" as represented by some in the present administration and a biased media. This is my first time being involved in anything political, besides exercising my right to vote. The Silent Majority must take a stand and take back our countries basic beliefs and not allow the liberal socialist agenda to bring our country down. Our leaders work FOR us, not the other way around. I have to balance my check book each week. I have to live within my means. Our country can be responsible and do the same. I can no longer sit and hope someone else does what I myself must be doing. It all begins with our local government. Like a rolling stone, it will gather speed and initiative.

Our representative Dan Burton. He was not able to stay for the rally, but did put in an appearance.

Picture 3381

My sister Barbara with her 'Read my Lipstick' sign. How appropriate!

Picture 3377

I love what the big white sign says. We had a great turn out for the rally

Picture 3386

Me and Dragon Lady (aka:Sandy)

Georgie took a picture of me. We had a great time at the rally!

Well..... good grief.....Barbara (my sister) will do anything to get her picture in the local paper.

I want to encourage everyone to get involved regardless of political party. This is not a party issue, it is an American issue.

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Bee said...

I wish I had been in your town today, with husband in tow. He came home looking for a Tea Party!

I agree with what you said. I've always been a bit apolitical, but I see now that my voice needs to be heard!