Birthday Madness

Although Sunday was Easter Sunday, it was also time for celebrating Dad's upcoming 88th birthday. Dad and our Uncle Hod were born April 18th. Uncle Hod was first to come into this world and Dad made his entrance a few minutes later. As far as I know, my Grandma didn't know she was having twins. Dad was a sandy blonde-blue eyed little boy while Uncle Hod was a dark haired-brown eyed rascal. We had cake, balloons, cards and lots of family for the celebration. Mom and Dad are proud parents, grandparents, great grandparents of 32 offspring. We had little ones rolling all over the floor, small ones running around shirtless, tiny ladies in toy high heels, babies trying to get a nap amidst all the commotion, people attempting to be heard over all other conversations. It was a fun, loud, exciting, happy birthday revelry.

Mom and Dad with the Great Grandkids

Front Row: Garrett, Eli, Luke, Chloe, Mallory w/ Abby, Kaleb

Back Row: Spencer w/ Malia, Dad w/ Jack, Mother w/ Matthew, Cassidy, Lauren, Sammy

dad birthday easter

Alex and Rainey weren't in the picture.

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Sassy Granny ... said...

How awesome! What a "bouquet" of love!!

I'll just bet your parents can't keep buttons attached. Talk about wonderful birthday gifts!