Matthew, Overnight, Cooking

Amanda, Cassidy, Lauren and I
stopped Saturday to check on
Matthew. Cassidy and Lauren
had not seen him yet. We also
stopped Sunday afternoon so
Alex could see him. He is doing
quite well. He is to see
Dr. Schneider on Good Friday.
This will be his first check up
since he left the NIC Unit in
Indianapolis. He is just as cute
as he was before. We cant
wait for him to get bigger.
As you can see in the second
photo he has lots of hair.

The little guy needs a hair cut already.

After we got done shopping Cassidy and Lauren decided they needed to stay all night at Grandma and Grandpa's house. They played on the computer, ate Pizza Hut pizza and Cassidy and Grandpa whipped Lauren and Grandma at a high powered game of Dirty Dawg. Later in the evening Cassidy and Lauren played with the camera. They get some pretty good shots !

Alex found out early Sunday morning that the girls were here. She hurriedly came over to spend some time with them. We went to Wally World then they gleefully gathered ingredients for Rice Crispie Treats. They were soooo sweet! Good job girls.

After taking the girls home and Grandma and Grandpa settling down for the evening, we can surely say that having Grandkids is really GRAND !

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