Amanda and the Clown hair...

I found out along with Amanda that sometimes it is better to just leave things alone as they are. Amanda has been tired of keeping the blonde in her hair. So she decided to let it go back to her natural hair color. Well........ She chose a mahogany brown to put it in her hair. Ugh......it was very purply red. She laughed and I wanted to cry. What have we done? So being the good mother that I am, I ran to Dollar General to get a darker color. After applying it to her now mahogany red brown hair, she is now, still mahogany brown. Eeekkkkkkk we need more dark brown. So back to Dollar General. Another box of dark brown. After this application we now have a little red and lots of dark brown on the ends.

Tiffany from the office told me about this stuff called Color Oops. It is supposed to take the last color out of your hair. Well...it is worth a try? That is what I thought. I had Tiffany get me a box. I called Amanda with the good news. She was very hesitant to use it before their trip to Indianapolis for the weekend with Rick and Jen. I guess she should have stuck to her guns. She called later and said,"ok lets do it". She came over and we started with the Color Oops. Let it stay on the proper amount of time. Rinsed it off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Orange hair. Ok, we now are going to apply the 'brown' that I have for her. It didn't actually turn out the color brown we thought it would be. It is more like Jet Black. Now we have gone from orange to black. I then applied the frosting kit to her hair and let it turn a brown color. Have you ever seen black hair with brown highlighting? Ummmmm.. not good.
I now have to make an emergency run to Wally World to get hair color remover once again, and hair color to fix what we have now really messed up. When will it end? I hurry home and we get the hair color remover on. Here we go again. We are back to the orange hair. Do not despair. We have another Mahogany Brown. Oh...and we have another brown to put on after the Mahogany Brown is on. Needless to say, we are now back somewhat to the original color we were trying to remove in the first place. It isn't quite as harsh dark as it was when we started, but we made progress. We don't have the orange hair any more !

I will have to say that this was by far the worst hair experience that I have had to deal with. Once Jane and I made her hair jet black. She had to live with it. One other time Jane and I twisted our hair before we permed it. Talk about a wild woman from Zanzibar! We beat that by a mile. Another time Jane highlighted my hair so much I had to use a brush to comb through it. All in a days work. Maybe one of these days we will learn to leave well enough alone.

Make sure you are kind to someone today. You never know who you may help with your kindness.

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