These 'feet' were made for walking.....

Planters Fasciitis

After visiting with Dr. DeTommaso at FWO this afternoon, I have a better idea of why my feet have been hurting so much. It is called Planters Fasciitis (fashee-EYE-tus).
Wonderful. Another problem to have to deal with. You are more apt to get this if you are a woman. So now I have inserts for my shoes, which I have to get adjusted to. I wear them one hour the first day and add an hour each day after. I got a shot in each of my heels today. I love shots. Actually I don't really mind them that bad. After all I gave birth to three kids. What could be any worse than that? I have cute little braces to wear to bed at night. Won't I be real appealing? I have to return to get custom orthotics made for my painful feet ! After turning 50 I have literally gone to pot. I have got to get this body in working order. Who knows what is going to 'break' next!

As the great philosopher Maxine once said:
Be sure to share some kindness with someone to make them feel special today.
God's Blessings

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