Spencer D's Spring Band Concert

Straight from the home of the Southwood Knights.....

We present Spencer D. on the trumpet with the Jr. High Band.

No.... no.....no....that isn't Spencer D.
He doesn't have an outfit like
that. He wears a white shirt.
He wears tan pants. This
isn't Spencer D.

Let us continue on, looking for
the cute kid with the straight
hair from SHS.

Proud home of the Knights

There he is. Puffing away on his
trumpet. Looks like he is in
1st chair. ^5 to Spencer.

The band director has flaming
arms.Gotta beware of Band
Directors. Looks like Spencer
is still in 1st chair!

A very enjoyable evening listening to the musical talent in our family.

Thanks to the Southwood Jr. High Band for the entertainment.
I am working on getting the concert loaded onto YouTube. Details later.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Hey G-ma,
Just thought i would leave you with a reminder that the day of the band concert I told you that i was in the fourth chair of my trumpet section. might want to change what you put.
Love from your best grandkid,
Spencer D.