They knew better !

The Greeks believed that the Goddess Iris searched for a woman's gravestone that had a purple Iris above it to signify that the person wanted escorted to Heaven.  In ancient Egypt the Iris symbolizes rebirth.  The greek word for Iris is rainbow.  The flower is used by the U. S. Military to represent strength and power, standing for courage, admiration, wisdom, hope and faith. Iris's date back to the 1600 in Virginia, probably coming over from Europe.
My Iris's - - however, knew they should bloom this year or they were going to be eradicated. They came from my daughters home. She does not have much of a green thumb. (artifical plants die in her care) She was giving away her multitude of flowers, so I decided to move some to my house. The Iris's bloomed fine until last spring. !!Nothing!!. I gave them until this year to show their fancies or they would be removed. As you can see, they kept their promise of blooming.

Sweet sense of Iris
Softly blankets
the senses.

Erect and noble
She slowly nods
at the wind.

Purple velvet robes
Soothes, beckons
and addresses

Butterfly questions.
Author Unknown


Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Your iris is lovely. Glad it decided to bloom. I love irises. They one of my favorites.

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