P-School Gwaduasion

Yes. . . P-School.
Luke is in the second row on the left in the plaid shirt.

Luke graduated from Pre School May 12th. It was a very enjoyable program provided for the parents and other relatives. Luke was well represented in the crowd of people. He smiled at us all, and waved. He is starting to come out of his shy shell. The children entertained us with several songs. One song was about little Duckies. Of course there were lots of arm motions to the songs. One such movement, the kids appeared to be looking far far away.
Teachers and assistants presented the class to receive their diploma's. Mom and Dad were so proud of their little fellow.

Malia was very excited to attend Luke's graduation. As you can see, she was overjoyed !

Proud Mom and Dad with Luke
Congratulations Luke....now it is on to Kindergarten.

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Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Congratulations to Luke. He sure is a cutie.