Four months ago my Dad passed away. He left behind a family that loved him so very much. He also left some of his projects unfinished. He was able to work in his shop until he got sick in November of 2008. At that time he was helping my sister Jane build a dollhouse for her granddaughter Mallory. The last item he created was a chair for the table in Mallory's house. I was in Dad's shop this morning and found this. I don't know what it is. Mother didn't know what it was going to be. He was always puttering around creating things from wood. I am sure he knew what it could be, but we sure don't. I would love to be able to pick his mind to know what he was planning for this small piece of wood.
Mom and Dad grew up in the era of the Great Depression. You used and reused everything possible. If you could, you would create some way of fixing a broken item. Dad was not any different. I was cleaning my fans and needed a screwdriver. Into Dad's shop I go. Again ... I was amazed. Did I notice his tools that much when Dad was alive? Nope. I notice things now. Here is a broken screwdriver Dad made new again. It didn't go to waste. I am so proud of the creative mind he had.
The reason for our time at Mom's this morning was so Tom could paint her garage door. Dad had bought the paint. It just needed someone to apply it. As you can see, Mother is in her usual position.....supervisor ! ! !

Be sure as life goes by each day, you don't leave things unfinished. The piece of wood Dad was working on, didn't change the importance of his life. It is the small things you should not leave undone. A smile, a simple thank you and most importantly . . .  an I love you. Dad made sure we knew we were loved.

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Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

So sorry for your loss of your dad, Cindy. My dad passed away many years ago, but it still hurts sometimes.