Which way do you grow?

Growing towards the Son
Have you ever noticed how the plants follow the sun? We all learned this in school. From the time the sun rises in the morning, the plants are following the path of the sun until it no longer shines. It is built into their system to do so. The roots give them the nourishment they need, and the photosynthesis provides them with energy.
We are so much like the plants that God created. We need to be grounded in His Word. We need to seek Him daily to provide us with guidance. Read our Bibles to nourish our Spirits.  We need to follow His example, so we will become more like Him. God in His infinite Wisdom has provided us with all we need in our lives. Follow the Son shine. It will fill your heart to overflowing and you in return can pass it along.  
1 Corinthians 13:13 . . . but the greatest of these is Love.


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