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Michael Bolton.....

Michael Bolton is a marvelous performer. Jane and I went to the Honeywell Center to see his show last evening. He has one of the greatest voices I have ever heard. It was a non stop performance of music. I have known and heard the songs he sings, but never was really much of a fan. Ok...how do you spell Dumb Blonde? I was surprised that I knew nearly all of the songs that he sang. Amazing the talent this man has. I truly appreciate such ability to sing like he does. If you ever get the chance to see this astoundingly gifted song writer/performer, don't miss the opportunity.

At one point during the show the band and the back up singers all left the stage. He was center stage and sang a song he had sang with the great Tenor Pavarotti. How do you say Amazing! This is the link to hear him singing. Please take the time to listen to this incredibly talented man.

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Anonymous said...

Kickin' Myself.
I saw that he would be in town. My daughter would have loved him I am sure, especially the song you pointed us to on the youtube. She enjoyed Neil E. Boyd on America's Got Talent, back when we had the antenna on the T.V.
Glad you enjoyed yourself.