I tried very hard to entice him to my house. I waited patiently in the early mornings, but he always slipped away. He had eyes that sparkled in the early morning light. He came and left in the shadows of darkness. He had no fear of any of my temptations. Disruption was what he was causing in my life. It was more than I could endure some days, to know he would be returning again in the twilight hours. Agony was to be my fate until he was mine. How could I persuade him to enter into the lure I had waiting for him?

Nice beginning for my blog heh? I had to do some research, but I did trap the little dickens. Ricco the Raccoon was making a mess of my bird feeders and bird food. I did not put the food out for him. I set the raccoon trap for him, but he avoided it. I guess he didn't like the chicken. I found the perfect food to lure him into my trap...marshmallows. I was surprised to find that such a strange food would be the perfect lure for Ricco Raccoon. It worked! Tom and I transported him to a new location. I am sure he will find new friends to live with. Enjoy your new home Ricco!


Bee said...

Awww, he's so cute. I know they can be little pests but I think they're precious. Glad you trapped him and moved him and I hope he's happy in his new home.

Restyled Home said...

They are cute, but a real nuisance, I hear!

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day. I am sorry to hear about your Dad's illness. I wish you all peace and strength and I loved reading your Father's Day post. What a great tribute to the men in your life!


Technonana said...

Or... he may just hightail it back to your house!!

Donna said...

Oh my gosh, you are sweet to humanely trap him... We have raccoons, skunks, and possums that come up on our deck at night to get the peanuts that the chipmunks and squirrels missed... I have to admit that we quite enjoy watching them when they are here! We always know when they've arrived because the motion activated floodlight turns on.... He's a cutie - hope he likes his new home!!... Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage