~Bon Voyage~

Bye bye ......................little Teddy Bears.

They are off to Africa. . . . to be loved by a young boy or girl. I am sure they will get a perfect name. I saw on a website about the Mother Bear Project. A perfect venture for me during the winter months. The bears will be given to a boy or girl that is HIV positive or with Aids. The most challenging and fun part of the undertaking, was making each bear have a personality. My original goal was to create 20 bears and send them off. I exceeded that goal by 3 as of this post.

The bears are off to Africa. Uh Oh . . . . Appears one bear is sick already and one almost missed the boat. Have fun Little Teddy Bears.

You will be Loved.

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Farm Chick Paula said...

Oh, Cindy- what an awesome thing to do! You have my upmost repect for giving so much of your time for something so special...