What is that?

Can you guess what this is?

Yes... it is made out of yarn.

You can see the knitting needles.

Size 7....if that helps any.

It didn't take very long to make it.

I hope some little person enjoys it.

The finished project is..........a small Teddy Bear

I found the Mother Bear Project on the Internet. It sends little bears to children in Africa that are HIV positive or infected with the Aids virus. After returning from China, I was saddened by the poverty there. I needed to find something to do for children somewhere. I hope that some little person enjoys the teddy bear as much as I have creating it. There will be more created. Hopefully some day we can find cures for the terrible diseases that take so many lives.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet project. Thanks for sharing it with us, I know the recipient will enjoy it too.

Love, Lou

louise said...

Some little person will love it. It is perfect for little hands being so soft and squidgy x