Silent Movies and Frozen Fish

There are more highways that criss cross in Indiana than in any other state. Indiana contains more Interstate high-ways per square mile than any of the other states. That may be why our State Motto is 'The Crossroads of America" Indiana is in the top 10 states with Drive In Theaters. Back in the late '50's hey day of the Drive In Theaters, Indiana had 120 of them. Over time a large majority of them have gone dark and no longer exist. Indiana has 23 that are still in existence. Wabash is home to the 13-24 Drive In Theater. On our way to North Manchester this morning, we passed the Drive In. I remember when it was the 'cool' thing to do. Load a bunch of kids into cars and head to the drive in. Not that we watched the movies that much. It was more important to see and be seen. Today as we drove by, the theater was silent. Not because of no one being interested in attending, but because of the season of the year. Snow covered the ground, the speakers and the swing set. It may be silent for now, but come spring it will be popping with people eager to watch the current big hit movies again.
Now... I am not a huge fan of fishing. I don't understand sitting and sitting, waiting on some dang fish to try and eat the bait on the end of the 'stick'. I know... I know.... there are people that luuuvvvv to fish. I see them at the reservoirs and sitting along the rivers in our area. My mom and dad like to fish. All the family love to eat the fish they catch. But...for most of those fishing people, they fish in weather that 'I' consider appropriate. Well....not the people we saw this morning. I have seen Ice Fishermen in movies. This was the first time I had actually seen people huddled into a tent of some sort, after they have drilled a hole in the ice, fishing. I hope they are dressed warmly. It was very cold this morning. These people are really dedicated fishermen. I hope they caught some fish.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reminder of summer with the drive-in movie. We have been to that 'theater'. Seems like already this winter we have had more 'weather' than usual. Not sure about ice fishing, but my family and I plan on fishing a lot this summer for crappie. We like the taste alot.

Dawn said...

Hey Cindy...
I see that you mentioned North Manchester.
My husband's uncle lived there for years...raised his family and owned a store there.
He and his wife now live in Warsaw.

Small world.
Thanks for stopping in today. So sweet of you to think of me in the early, early morning.

Dawn @ (4:53 am)

LDH said...

My first time visit ~ very sweet place. A heart full of love for grandbabies is always a fun place to visit.
Kindly, ldh

Maggie said...

Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog. I am thankful for every moment I ever had with my Mother. You have a lovely family and a great blog. I remember going to the drive in as a kid and loving it. We have one drive thru near us and I can't wait to take the kids in the summer. What fun!