Wednesday is "Lunch with Lanice" day.

Wednesday is set aside for 'Lunch with Lanice'.
Now you may ask, who is Lanice. She is my very good goofy friend at Family Physicians. She took me under her wing when I first started working at FPA some (cough cough) 17 years ago. Give or take a few years. I have to keep reminding myself to say that. Little did she know, when she asked me to lunch that first day, that we would have so much in common and develop such a longstanding and close relationship. We have had many fun times and lots of laughs. I value her friendship so very much. She knows how I am regarding friendships. She is someone who I have no problem revealing my 'secrets' to. We have had many many long and meaningful talks. She has helped me through some very tough times, and I hope I have responded the same. Lanice is wise beyond her years. She is fair minded to all people regardless how she may feel about you personally. She is someone who I truly trust. Lanice is a Jewel in my small ring of friendship.
Everyone should have a friend like Lanice.

Now there are some real characters working at FPA. We have Julie the Jungle Woman, Linda the Loony, the new girl, who might remain anonymous until further notice, and F-Lorence the former K-Mart lady. These girls appear as normal people when you first meet them. But beware! They are really aliens from a far off planet named Npawgeih. They appear as normal people in the daylight. You would not want to run into them in the dark. They are scary. If you see these women at some time in our community....... R U N ..... Here is a photo of the scary women you might see in the dark.
One person at FPA, is the highly regarded, Insurance
Woman. She bears the burden of shuffling papers from here to there. She has attained this talent from many many years of professional training at the highly regarded Institute of Paper Shuffling in the renowned city of Treaty. After many years of unselfish training she is willing to share her expertise with anyone within earshot of her voice. We could call that Yellin', but for all practical purposes, we shall at this time just call it earshot distance. Roberta is revered by all who come in contact with her. We could say she scares the dickens outta us, but we won't tell her that.
On a serious note ( I know...me serious?) I really enjoy working with all the women at FPA. I couldn't ask for a better group of women to work with. Let the party begin !

Now on to a more normal state of affairs. Rick had a ballgame at Honeywell's this evening. Gosh oh mighty... they didn't win, but they played a good game. I think the refs were against us, aren't they always? I really enjoy watching Rick play ball. That comes from many years sitting on bleachers.

I enjoy going to Rick's ballgames for one more reason.
I get to spend time with my Beautiful, wonderful DIL
(Daughter In Law) Jennifer,and my funny ticklish grandson Spencer D. Always so nice to spend time with family.

Busy day once again doing nothing. How do I do it?
Tomorrow is another day.
God's Blessings

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Jennifer said...

Wow! Look at all the people in the stands for that game! It's always good to spend time with you - my favorite MIL! Next time I hope the refs are more fair so the other team will complain just a little more - haha! Hey, next time you put my pic on your blog can you fix me up a little with that great photoshop program you have? Look at all that luggage underneath my eyes!