New to Blogging

This is my first attempt at blogging. We will see how it goes.
First let me introduce ourselves. Tom thinks he is the head of the house, but in reality I am.
He likes to be know as the Big Kahuna. Little does he know it is just wishful thinking on his part.
After being married 40 years come May 24th, he should know who is in charge.
We have such fun together. It could be when we are traveling, shopping, or being with our family. May God Bless each of you as you travel through this journey called Life.

One of our favorite trips was to Newport Rhode Island with Jane.
This is a photo of Tom and I getting ready for a ride on a Schooner.
Jane absolutely loved the ride.
We had such a great time.

This was taken on Martha's Vineyard.

It was taken near the north side of the island.

We started the day out with lots of fog and ended it with plenty of sunshine.

How cool it is to be able to be where they filmed a movie.

This was at the movie site of Bridges of Madison County.

We just by chance once ran onto the site where they filmed the movie with Kevin Costner, Field of Dreams.

That is the blog for today.

On to another blog tomorrow.

God Bless you

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Jennifer said...

Oooooooohhh! I'm so proud of you! You've done a great job getting everything set up. Looking forward to keeping tabs on my favorite in-laws, who I love dearly! Just hoping that a year from now people aren't having to ask where that 7th grandchild is - haha!