Survivor Night

Every Thursday it is the night for Survivor. I have been
watching it since they were at the Australian Outback.
I think it meets my sense of adventure. I would love to
go across country in a covered wagon ! Of course I
don't know where I would plug in my curling iron.
One of my favorite participants was
Rupert Boneham from the Indianapolis
area. He looks like a mountain man, and some
one you wouldn't want to meet on a dark street.
But he proved himself a teddy bear. This year
they are in the Micronesia Islands. It is the
fans against the Survivor Favorites.

Since my family knows what a fan of Survivor I am, Christmas one year I was overwhelmed with gifts with a Survivor theme. What fun it was to get them all. In this photo you see my Survivor shirt, my real Survivor Buff, a book, and the famous Urn that the votes go in. As you can see, I think I have been voted off the island once again! What were those people thinking?

It is so much fun being able to share conversation with the kids that watch the show. We all have different opinions about what is happening on the current show. We have stratagies of what contestants should do to further their ploy to be the voted the Million Dollars.
Be sure and don't call on Thursday nights. We will be watching intently the
real reality show....................Survivor !

Hope your day was all you wanted it to be.
God's Blessings

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Jennifer said...

Survivor Chimichanga was by far my favorite season - although the ending stunk (haha!) Not sure who I want to win this season. It usually takes me awhile to choose. And for the record, I would NEVER vote you off my island!