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In order for me to be able to do some quilting, I have always made myself get all my housework or what ever else may need done before I can start. Grrrrrr....I would rather not have that rule for myself, but it is necessary for me to not set things aside and do the things I would rather be doing. So...after getting the laundry all done, I sat down to do some hand quilting. I didn't realize I would enjoy doing it so much when I did the quilts for Cassidy, Lauren and Luke. I had such fun creating the quilt for Malia. I am currently working on a quilt that my Grandma Hazel put together. I took it apart and reassembled it with the blue material. She made each of the quilt squares. Wouldn't she be so happy to know that her quilt top was being put to good use? I have two that she pieced together. I plan on doing both of them. Here is a picture of the one I am working on now.

The back of your quilts are supposed to be as nice as the front. The back of this one is really going to be very pretty. I may try my hand at a quilt that has no piecing that has just the hand quilting on it someday soon. Always up for another challenge. Here is the back of this quilt.

This morning I worked on fixing the photos Mom took with the camera I gave her. She took photos of Mom and Dad each with Baby Matthew. They were a little dark. Somehow her camera's settings got messed up. I adjusted them so that when they take photos with it again it will be ok. I had to lighten and take the noise out of the pictures. I think they took really good pictures. I am glad they got pictures with Matthew. He may get to come home this Thursday. Wow....he is sure progressing along at a fast pace. Strong little man!

Matthews first photo.

Mom with Matthew Joseph Hipskind. He is in the NIC unit at St Vincent's in Indianapolis.

Dad with Matthew.

Another day of blogging tomorrow

Gods Blessings

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Jennifer said...

Your quilts are beautiful. I LOVE the one you made for Malia...and the one for Spencer made eons ago (it seems). Little Matthew is a special guy and we can't wait to meet him in person!