Down In Nawlins'

Down in Nawlins
We took a little trip down to New Orleans a couple of weeks ago. We took my Uncle and Aunt back home. It was a scheduled trip, and worked out just right, for their return to New Orleans. We had the enjoyment of being tourist this trip. This was our first trip with out Dad. We missed him not being there.
Our first slated stop was in Tunica, Mississippi at the Horseshoe. As you can see, Mother does not know a stranger.
We arrived in New Orleans Wednesday afternoon and got to the airport in plenty of time to pick up Jane. After a good nights rest, Thursday morning, we (Tom, Rob, Jane, Barbara and me) embarked on an excursion to the French Quarters. We always make it a point to visit the district when we are in New Orleans. It is a fascinating place !
Jackson Square is one of the most photographed areas in the French Quarters. We are just like other people. We visit the area too. Below is St. Louis Cathedral.
Another visitor to Jackson Square.
The French Market is also well known. Lots of shopping for those who wish to spend the time browsing or goofing around.
Notice the Mardi Gra beads on the railing
I had the feeling we had landed in Europe. This building reminded me of some we saw there.
Thursday evening we decided to saunter down to the the Riverwalk for a tasty meal. The Crazy Lobster provided us with a most tempting feast. You have to love that Cajun cooking.
Mother's favorite place of the whole trip was . . . (drum roll) . . .  Yep.... Harrah's
Friday evening we celebrated my Uncles Birthday with cake and ice cream.
 He was 89.
Saturday we traveled to Illinois to visit one of my Mothers friends. Mom grew up in Akin. We went to where she lived with her grandmother, her school (it had only one room), stopped by where her parents and brother and sisters are buried in Little Spring Cemetery. We also stopped by the church Mother attended when she was just a little girl. It is falling apart....literally. This is a side view. As you can see, the back half of the church has fallen down.
It took some doing, but I crawled through some barbed wire to get these photos. Much to my surprise, under part of the fallen roof I found these.
Pews !
It broke my heart to think this church had been abandoned and left to fall into disarray. After some more investigating, (once I thought I was going to fall into a pit) I saw the piano. Left alone, inside along with the pews. If I had had the time, I would have worked my way inside what was left of the building.
Now we are a very fun loving family. We love to laugh and poke fun at each other, at the other persons expense. Far be it from us to let a situation go by that we can't laugh at.
Well . . .  here is my sister Jane's new place of 'business'? I thought her rates were a little high, considering the location and limited activities in the area.
April 18th was Dad and Uncle Hod's birthday.
It was the first we celebrated without Dad.
It was Dad's first birthday celebration in Heaven.
I will celebrate with you some day.

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watalulu said...

Hi Cindy,

Nice pics. Did you take any of Amy/Sherry/Chuck?
And does that apron say what I think it does?

Looks like you had a good time.