Halloween Weirdness

Happy Halloween . . . .
I hope the Ghosties and Goblins didn't eat all of your candy or play too many tricks on you.
Our family usually goes all out for Halloween. The grandkids dress up, the kids dress up, as well as Tom and myself. Everyone meets at the end of the evening at our house for the 'unveiling'. My Dad has not been in good health recently. With many visits to the Emergency Room and hospital admissions, we opted for just the wee little ones dressing up for Halloween. This time last year we were in China getting our youngest granddaughter, so we missed Halloween and the Annual Pumpkin Patch trip. Below are the photos of the scary people that paid our house a visit.


Sammy, Mallory and Abby

Our grandkids. . . Luke and Malia

our newest . . um . . granddog (?) Snickers

Spencer, Rick, Malia and Jennifer

Kyle, Luke and Amanda

Now . . . . I have seen some funny things in hospitals, but this one really takes the cake. Because my Dad was not allowed out of bed by himself, he was required to wear canary yellow socks and use a blanket of the same color. At IU Medical Center everything is color coded. People wear different colors dependent on their jobs and positions. Even the doctors wear different lengths of coats to refer to their position ! It was quite the education for us. Dad was released and is home again. We are anxiously waiting for him to regain some of his strength.

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Anonymous said...

Hope Uncle Tub gets to feeling better soon. We sure think a lot of him.