THANKS giving

thanksgiving: n - An act of giving thanks; an expression of gratitude, especially to God

While many families came together for the Thanksgiving holiday, we did so too. We are extremely thankful that Dad was well enough to enjoy the holiday. There are 37 of us. We attempt to squeeze all of us into Mom and Dad's house. Well first we had to squeeze all of the cars carrying the people into their driveway.
It gets very loud with 16 great grandchildren making noise. Mom and Dad's grandkids can get boisterous. The noise level can be deafening. Here is Dad playing with Matthew. Notice the shenaigans going on in the background. What is that all about?
When we just can't take the noise, running, yelling, laughing, jumping any more we shift the great grandkids off to Mother's sewing room. We realize that we are in need of a little larger place. Wonder if Mom and Dad will consider adding on to their house?
Food is always in abundance. So much that we are quite quiet after the meal. A real contrast to what goes on before hand.
There are always some people who can't seem to resist over doing it. Amanda and Jennifer don't know what to do with these two !
Here is Grandma's little beaded beauty. Malia is learning the flow of how all the kids play. She is a little independent, doing her own thing. Grandma thinks she is a doll baby !
Matthew is always good for a cute photo and a good laugh.

As I stated we were so THANKFUL Dad was able to enjoy the day. We are all so fortunate to have both Mom and Dad. We love you both so very much.
I took photos of the families with Mom and Dad. I love taking pictures. I can't really take credit for this one, since I am in it. I did direct how to do it, does that count? Tom and me with Mom and Dad.
Just a little addition to this post. Malia came over to Grammy's for a visit recently. Stephanie rarely gets to play or see her much. She came down and I got photos of them playing. I think Stephanie had more fun than Malia.

Malia playing peek a boo

Hoping you and your family enjoyed the love that you can share.

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