Volleyball is THE game....

Cassidy and Lauren's volleyball 2008

Cassidy and Lauren are playing volleyball for Southwood Elementary and Southwood Jr/Sr High School. Lauren is in 6th grade and Cassidy is playing with the seventh grade. It is always a pleasure to watch the grandkids in anything they do. Our whole family loves volleyball. We watched all we could when the Olympics were on. What a feat that was. Gold...........

Lauren had her last game this evening (9-17-08). She will be moving up next year. She is very aggressive when she plays. One game she and a friend actually made a pact to throw the game so they could play longer. Go figure! You could see improvement in Lauren's playing by the end of her season.

Cassidy is in the middle of her season. We spent all of last Saturday watching her play in a tournament in Warsaw. I know she was tired by the end of the last game. It was tiring for all of us watching. Lauren and Luke were so good. It was a long day and they were excellent!

Below are some photos of the girls.
Lauren at her games.
Cassidy's first Volleyball game at Oak Hill in seventh grade
She looks like her Mother serving !
Lauren and Luke being so good Saturday at Cassidy's tournament.
Luke seems to be interested in the game????????

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