Saturday, Memorial Weekend, Anniversary Celebration

We had lots of fun on Memorial Day Weekend celebrating anniversaries.

Stephanie and Mark celebrate their wedding anniversary on March 27th. (That date sounds familiar) Amanda and Kyle celebrate their anniversary on May 19th. Rick and Jen were married on June 5th. Tom and I have been married for 40 years on May 24th, 2008. We decided to have an anniversary cookout to celebrate all of our anniversaries. It is always so much fun getting the family together to have some fun. The kids get so carried away with all the fun and kidding around. Of course they all wanted to get the Corn Hole game out and play. We had team RED and team BLUE. Which of the two teams was the better team? Sadly I have to announce that team BLUE was the better team on this particular Saturday. Maybe next time fellow team mates.

Team RED: Kyle, Lauren, Tom, Alex, Amanda, Cassidy

Team BLUE: Jennifer, Cindy, Stephanie, Spencer, Jonathan, Mark
Team RED cheering on their team

Jennifer showing everyone how it is done?

If you will look closely at the top of Spencer's head, you will see Cassidy's cornbag flying through the air !

Stephanie competing against her Dad.

Amanda laughing at something Stephanie said. If I remember correctly, it was something like, were you trying to play like that?PaPa and Luke need to see a Dentist !!!!!!!!!!!!

Luke with his DOO Rag crawling in the grass to help distract the BLUE team.

Familes are like fudge. . . . mostly sweet with a few nuts.

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