Grand kids are just that..... Grand. We enjoy them so much. They are like precious jewels. They are to be loved, protected, shared and enjoyed by grandparents like us.

Alex called early Saturday morning to see if we minded that she spent the day with us.

We were asked to 'babysit' with Luke Saturday, while Amanda and Kyle went and had an anniversary dinner. Their anniversary is Monday the 19th of May. They will be celebrating 7 years. Alex came over to spend the day at our house and play with Luke. Luke decided she was the only one who could help him do anything. Alex was deemed his 'pal for the day'
So... Luke and his 'pal for the day' went outside to play golf. Look out Alex, Luke is swinging his golf club! Uh oh... too late. Luke clobbered Alex on the left side of her face with his golf club. Thank goodness she wasn't hurt bad. The contact bruised her face.

Luke getting ready to hit his golf ball.
Is any one watching me????????????????
Hit the ball Luke ! This boy looks like he is up to something. Innocent.......Nah !
I wanted to share a photo of my Iris. It is a deep dark red.
I think it is very pretty.

Being kind to everyone can have an impact in a way that we may never personally see. It is a trickle down effect and our kindness to someone just may inspire his or her kindness to someone else and on and on. Remember to be kind to someone. It will change your life and someone else's.

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