BOZO the Carrot Top

Knowing when to leave well enough alone, hasn't been one of our strong points, when it comes to working on Amanda's hair. I am not sure if we need to change her name, or change the color of her children's hair so they look like their mother.

Amanda has become tired of keeping up the blonde in her hair. It is time consuming and she wants to keep her hair short. To keep it blonde she had to let it grow so I could highlight it. So, one day, when I was at her house highlighting Cassidy's hair, Amanda decided she wanted to get rid of the blonde. The first time we actually colored her hair, it was a little too dark. The next time we colored her hair she wanted a little red in it. I think that is where the problem began. It ended up really red. We applied some dark brown on it and it turned really really dark. Ummmm.... not sure that is what we were looking for Amanda. So we got hair color remover and applied it. That was the beginning of BOZO. It turned her hair a clown shade of orange. We got more hair color and made it the color we originally got after the first colors were put on. Her hair was darker than it should have been, but at least it wasn't orange.

Amanda thought she needed a touch up, and got what she thought were the same shades as we had bought the first time. When she showed up at my house she had black hair. Here we go again. I had to make an "emergency" run to Wal-Mart to get color remover and the right shades. We removed the color again ( making her BOZO the Carrot Top) and added the correct shade. Or so we thought. It ended up that her hair was very orange at the roots. More hair color to be applied. Rinse. Dry. Check hair in mirror. Uh oh........ looks about the same as before we started. Another application? Yep. Lets leave it on a little longer this time. Rinse. Dry. Check hair in mirror. Go outside to see if orange is gone. Well......it looks a little better. Sorta.

Amanda left with hair we thought looked like brown. At least that is what we thought when she left. When I went to her house one day last week, it was back to a shade between orange / brown. Leaning more to the orange side.

I highly suggest Amanda get some professional help on this one. I am exhausted from the anticipation of the results of apply hair color and waiting to see what shade/ color we have. I really need to stay away from the coloring side of hair. I will restrict myself to cutting only.

Amanda (BOZO) with Luke

Remember to be kind to someone today. You just may change someones life.

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