Luke's SES Program

Luke is 4th from the right in the front row
Master Luke had his first elementary school program last evening. He is in Kindergarten. The adorable 'costumes' were constructed of paper. On one side were turkey pictures the children had created. Each child had on a headband made to look like turkey feathers. The whole program was delightful. The songs were short and many of them had motions the kids had memorized. One particular song was especially endearing.
Enjoy the song- click here. Be sure and watch the little ones move their legs back and forth.
After the program was concluded we visited his classroom. The hallway decorations were cute as we approached his room.

This is Luke's 'Deer' turkey

Luke's Pilgrim

Luke in his 'costume'

This was the beginning of several years of our watching another grandchild grow. 

Great Job Buddy... Grandma and Grandpa love you!