Being Marshall

(F-Dianne, Susan, Barbara-B-Jane and Me)
Wow.....what an enjoyable time we had in Marshall Michigan.
We (Jane, Barbara and I) have two cousins (Susan and Dianne) that we are very close to.
Growing up, Susan, Jane, Dianne and I spent so much time together. If we weren't at their house, they were at ours. I do not know any cousins that were closer than we were. Barbara being 6 years younger was subjected to spending time with the adults! Sorry Barbara ! We 'cousins' played dress up, discovered boys, learned how to roller skate and mixed up concoctions (not going there- we might still get in trouble). Susan and Dianne lived on a farm that we explored and used for our amusement. Just one hint: Green apples really do need to ripen. We cousins worked in the haymow, rode a disagreeable pony, ice skated in a cornfield and went to sock hops. We spent our lives together, from very young to our growing up years. I can not express how blessed we were having cousins that we could evolve and mature with.
After graduating from high school and marriages, we have not been in touch as we would like to have been. During the celebration of my 60th birthday party, we all decided we would remedy the problem. We decided on a time, and a place to share memories and make new ones (Barbara included this time ! ). It could have been in my backyard where we spent time together, but we chose to take the route of exploring a city. Marshall has a quaint, charming, picturesque atmosphere. There were leaves on the sidewalks, absolutely perfect weather and most importantly- 5 women sharing their lives with one another again. We relished the opportunity to interact, intermingled and reaffirm our commitment to one another. We are family ! We are there to support and encourage one another. We enjoyed the city of Marshall, but most importantly it was our enjoyment of each other.
We are so thankful for our steadfastness, faithfulness and devotion to family.