Uh Oh... I have been missing !

Yes I have been missing from the blog world for over a month. I have a good excuse, but if I told ya....well you know the end of that statement !

I decided after giving it some thought that I would post the happenings all in one post. We will start with the furthest date finishing with the most recent. So... here we go.

On August 10th Tom's mother passed away. She fell earlier in the year, fracturing her pelvic bone. She never recovered all the way from that injury. It is terribly sad to watch a loved one pass. We know there was a huge family reunion in heaven on the day 'Chig' passed away. We will be met at the Pearly Gates with a smiling lady welcoming us into the Glorious Kingdom of Our Lord.

Emogene Mahan

August 21st was my Dad's final day of radiation for the cancer that is in his lungs. He is of course experiencing some of the side effects. He has been a trooper, because he is the type of person that really dislikes going to a doctors office. ^5 Dad for 'graduating' from your radiation.

Tom and I found this bunch of mushrooms in the yard one day. I don't know a thing about mushrooms. I just thought I ended up with a couple of good pictures of them.

Luke came over to play with Grandpa. They have a lot of fun together. Luke likes to go golfing with his Pawpaw. They have to wear special shirts (they have matching shirts). Below are a couple of pictures of them playing together.
August is a busy month for birthdays. Cassidy was born on August 23rd- the same day as Tom's. Mothers birthday is the 24th. Birthdays tend to be a multi birthday party. This year we celebrated not only birthdays, but the retirement of Tom and the final radiation treatment for Dad. It was such a fun day. Some of our family did go to Mom and Dad's for a special dessert for Mother's 82nd birthday on her actual birthday.
One evening Tom and I were sitting in our family room. Much to my surprise, I saw a deer running in the soy beans behind our house. That may not be a surprise to most people, but we have only seen one deer in the 35 years we have lived in our house. When I ran to get the camera I was shocked to see three deer near the small stand of trees next to our house. Mama, Papa and Baby deer !
Of course we had a Holiday get together on Labor Day Sunday. We are happy when we are able to get all 37 of us in one place at the same time, but that rarely happens. The cookout was at our house this time. Tom being the dutiful husband that he is, took care of all the pre cookout requirements, since I have been unable to help. We had a great turn out and a wonderful time sharing. It is so enjoyable when we all can laugh and share. I love the pictures of the family laughing and playing (big and little kids).
And then there is Master Matthew. He is 18 months old, and we love watching him develope and grow. He never misses the oportunity to amaze us. Here he is on the table looking into a cup.

Now for the video everyone has been waiting for. Matthew playing dead. Matthew plays dead at the beginning of the video. Matthew flapping his foot is an added bonus.

That is what had been happening while I have been "missing". I hope you enjoyed reading all about it.


Anonymous said...

Isn't family GREAT! We are so fortunate that we have loving families and kids who like to get together with us old folks. ;) I've missed catching up on your doings. Praying for your dad.

Anonymous said...

Seems like you had a very busy month. The video was darling.