HARD Wood Floors

One of my favorite movies is Funny Farm with Chevy Chase and Madolyn Smith. It has one scene in it where Elizabeth (Madolyn Smith) and Andy (Chevy Chase) are waiting on their moving van to arrive at their new house. They end up spending the night on the floor. Elizabeth says the pioneers didn't call them hardwood floors...they were HARD wood floors.
We decided to remove the carpet and refinish the wood floors that have been under the carpet for over 37 years. We expected them to be in less than good condition, but to our surprise they were in very good shape. I am not much of a carpet lover. I like hardwood floors.
Below are photographs of the process.
Tom removing staples from the floor.

The carpet before. Notice how white it is. The sample didnt look so white...LOL

What we found under the white carpet

. . . another view

We had stuff relocated in the kitchen . . .

. . . across from the dining area

. . . in the family room

. . . in the garage

. . . in the bedrooms. Our house was a mess.

This is the MONSTER -it created all the dust and removed the old varnish

Tom with the MONSTER. It sure knows how to eat.

MONSTER . .looking at the container of sawdust.

The finished product. We are very happy with it.

. . . after the furniture was moved back in.

We now have only three more rooms to do. I wonder if Tom will be able to get them all done before golf season starts?

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