Wagoner Reunion 2009

This years Wagoner reunion was attended by 68 people.(thanks Aunt Lois for the correct total) The Herring side of the Wagoner's had a healthy representation. Always fun to see people you don't have the opportunity to see during a busy year. Dad, Uncle Hod, Aunt Margaret and Aunt Lois are the siblings left from 6 children. I have so many fond memories of being a Wagoner. That once again falls back to the wonderful childhood I had. I got so busy talking to my cousins Susan and Diane, I was remiss in getting lots of good photos! Bad Girl....
Below are photos that I did get.

Mother acting silly- Dad laughing. A precious photo
Happy times of family

Alex and Lauren trying to act 'normal'?

Jack is 10 months old- Matthew is 19 months old. Aren't they just too cute?

Malia's first Wagoner Reunion

Abbey and Luke enjoying the two step. He loves playing with Abbey

Ummmmm....... kissin cousins? Chloe is getting a photo of the evidence

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