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Up Close:

I was outside this afternoon checking the roses. My roses are over 35 years old. They came with the house. They have the best fragrance. To my surprise while I was looking at my roses, I literally stumbled upon a small robin. I had been walking in the very area the robin was sitting. There is no way I could have missed it when I stepped over to check the roses! When the baby robins were in their nest I would go and talk to them several times during the day. Was this one of my babies? I ran inside to get my camera, hoping it would still be there. I was able to get with in an inch of its face. It didn't have any fear of me, and made no effort to avoid me. I nudged it with my foot, but the little critter just sat there. I proceeded to take my pictures. I was so excited ! The photos are so detailed. You can even see the 'whiskers' on its face. If you wish to see them larger, just click on the picture.


We have several squirrels that eat the 'bird' food I put out. I should be completely honest, I don't actually feed the birds. I put the bird food out for the squirrels. Yesterday morning, I had eight squirrels. I saw the squirrel below resting on the feeder that my Dad made. It looked like it had been eating and was so full, it had to rest. The animals are so much fun to watch. This morning there was a young squirrel eating. One year I had three young squirrels. I named them Huey, Louie and Dewey! Nature is immeasurable enjoyment.


Sassy Granny ... said...

Amazing! There's nothing like a dose of nature to captivate. I especially love the bird!

Be blessed,

Lighthouse Prayer Line said...

Hi Tom & Cindy,

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skoots1mom said...

oh so pretty
love the pics
thx 4 sharing!

Cindy said...

Hi Cindy,

Thanks for the visit and nice comment. I love your rose and that bird is adorable. I love the June banner/heading, it's great.

Have a great Friday and weekend,

Jennifer said...

You got some great pics!

Maria said...

amazing photos!
We are squirrel feeders at our house as well
love your eye and connection with wildlife